On Air: MTD on the radios

After the release of the new album , the band is on air in a lot of radios in different countries, check them and tune Martin Templum Domini

"USA, MEXICO, GERMANY, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, SPAIN, JAPAN, ETC, there´s a lot of radios that are proud to put the new album songs"

The band is in the air, thanks to so many people out there, with a lot of support to the band. Usa, Mexico, Germany, France, Australia, Spain, Apan, etc, there´s a lot of media and radios that are proud to put the new album songs. We really apreciatted. Thanks to radio metal Hermosilla,,, voice of the valley, sweet sunday sounds,, rock and metal radio, radio heavy metal, metal devastation radio, itns radio,, la frontera del silencio, and many others!!. Check them on our Facebook site

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