Origin:  Barcelona, SPAIN


Genres:  Metal


Years Active:  2017- Present


Website: www.martintemplumdomini.com

Short Bio

Martin Templum Domini is a metal band from Barcelona. Although they elude tags, their style could be defined as neo prog instrumental melodic metal, his definition is given by their mix of styles, although all they join in the metal.

Passages of a strong metal with aggressive riffs are combined with virtuoso picks and rhythms, with melodies ranging from a fast metal to a melodic one, full of great guitar solos and bass / drums thunderous riffs, with neoclassical influences, although surprising, for its changes, very much in the progressive metal line.

The experienced musicians who form MTD (Carlos Martin: guitars, Mario Vico: drums and Ivan Martin: bass) introduce their new debut album under the same name as the band, offering 11 explosive cuts based on The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. A surprising instrumental journey that must be experienced.



Tech Rider


Management & Booking: Carlos Martin | martintemplumdomini@gmail.com


Press & Social Media: Mario Vico | martintemplumdomini@gmail.com


Instagram Contact: Ivan Martin  |  martintemplumdomini@gmail.com

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