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carlos martin - guitars
mario vico - drums
ivan martin - bass
"Venture on an instrumental journey that must be experienced.
Welcome to Martin Templum Domini"


- Metal Maniacs Mexico -

Martin templum domini is a band formed in Barcelona at the end of 2017 under the idea and concept of virtuoso guitarist Carlos Martin who already has several themes composed for this immense project. At the beginning of 2017, drummer Mario Vico and bassist Ivan Martin join the project without any doubt.

All the members of the band are experienced musicians both on a compositional level and on stage, with a long background behind them. What facilitates that in a short time they obtain a great synergy between them and they record their first disc titled with the same name of the band, Martin Templum Domini. His peculiar style is captured in this totally instrumental album where the melody comes from the guitar itself.


An album full of furious riffs and virtuous solos with neoclassical tints, with fast and spectacular drums in their conception, along with basses with an extremely difficult execution. All together with passages that combine traditional metal and progressive elements, all cast in a conceptual album based on Dante's Divine Comedy.

"One of Banks Radio Australia’s favourite bands and this track doesn't disappoint, well produced and catchy melodies make this a winner."
- Banks Radio Australia -